Mon State Govt Increases Thingyan Budget For ‘More Lively’ Celebrations

Funds for the festivities have more than doubled.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

Representatives from the office of the Mon State government have said that the state will increase the budget for the celebration of the Thingyan water festival this year.

The Mon State government spent 110 million kyat (US$73,000) on the festivities in 2018, but this year will spend 200 million kyat ($132,837) from the state funds and 40 million ($26,567) from the ethnic affairs fund.

“The state government plans to expand the budget for the water festival this year because we want to see it more lively, with a teeming crowd,” U Myint Than Win, managing director of the Mon State government office, told NMG.

Around 20 million kyat is allocated to each Mawlamyine and Thaton districts, and 12 milion kyat for each of the other 10 townships in Mon State. The remaining funds will be spent on the central Thingyan stage in Mawlamyine.

The Thingyan funds will be used for the construction of buildings, opening and closing ceremonies, facilitating performances and dancing, awards, storing water, temple offerings and the tradition of paying respect to elders through small gift giving.

People must get permission from their respective township administrators to get a private building to celebrate Thingyan but are banned from paying bribes to get such perks.

Police officer Maj Myint Win said that the police will take responsibility for security during the water festival and are prepared for different scenarios.

“We are going to draft a security and safety plan for the water festival in Mon State because some people are wearing camouflage dress and get drunk as well as wielding knives or sticks in while at the water festival,” he explained. “But some people are peaceful and to go to the monastery and pagodas.”

Thingyan, the Burmese New Year, will be held from April 13-16.