Three Unidentified Men Found Dead in Northern Shan State

Monday, December 30, 2019

The bodies of three unidentified men with gunshot injuries were found in Hsipaw Township in northern Shan State this weekend.

The men were found near Sint-In Bridge in Kon Moung village, according to Ko Myo of the Hsipaw-based social group Volunteers Without Borders. The organization’s members transported the bodies to the morgue in Hsipaw’s hospital after being informed by the police of their whereabouts.

“The police told us that there were three injured people there and requested that we bring these injured people [to town]. Then we went to the incident site. When we arrived there, we saw the dead bodies of three men with gunshot injuries,” Ko Myo told NMG.

Ko Myo added that he has no information about the identities of the men, and the police have not released any additional details.

“We saw that two men had gunshot injuries to their heads and another person got gunshot injuries to his ribs,” he said.

In another recent unsolved gun crime in northern Shan State, unknown gunmen shot at a car in downtown Muse on the night of December 23, killing one person and injuring two others.

The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma creates a record of extrajudicial killings, disappearances, detention, and other human rights abuses in the country. They reported that an estimated 18 percent of Burma’s human rights abuses in the first half of 2019 occurred in northern Shan State due to intensified armed conflict in the region.