A local person is put in quarantine in Man Kring ward in Myitkyina

By Network Media Group
April 15, 2020

A local person in Myitkyina, who was contracted with COVID-19 infected patient (case-63), has been put in home quarantine.

The local person returned to Mankring ward in Myitkyina town from Yangon on April 2.

“Her news leak out in facebook. She lied us that she didn’t contract with virus infected patient (case-63). We made sure and asked her again. She told us that she didn’t meet with case-63 person. Whatever, she returned from outside. That’s why we put her in home quarantine,” U Lee See Sik, who is headman of Mankring ward, told NMG.

“She returned from Yangon. She returned from Palae (Yangon). She arrived in Myitkyina on April 2. She reported to headman of Mankring on April 10. Then we immediately took her body temperature and made medical checked up. We also asked her some questions. Her health situation is good. Her family members are living in down stair and she is living in up stair of their home. She is put in home quarantine,” U Lee See Sik told NMG.

According to headman of Mankring ward, her health situation (who contracted with case-63) is good. Therefore, they won’t send her swab and blood sample to Yanong national laboratory but they will closely monitor her.

Virus infected person (case-63) was contracted with case-24. Case-63 person met case-24 person when the case-24 person returned from Singapore.

“I saw that she came to market in these days. I am so afraid after I hear she was contracted with virus infected person in Yangon. I am so surprised why she doesn’t report to ward administration office immediately. Even though she is not afraid, we are so scared,” Daw Ahsee Mee, who is a seller in fresh market in Mankring ward, told NMG.

“I think she should be put in hospital quarantine rather than home quarantine. Now we are staying at home. I feel that we are safe if we stay at home. We frequently wash hands, stay at home and wear face mask when we go out. We use to read government’s report,” Ma Nu Nu, who lives in Mankring ward, told NMG.

She, who contracted with case-63 person, lives in Mankring ward-4 in Myitkyina town.

“I think she should report to ward administration office immediately. She didn’t report it. It means she doesn’t take her responsibility. She was contracted with virus infected person (case-63) in Yangon. She should need to take care of herself. She should consider for other people and she should take responsibility for her, her family, local people in Mankring ward and people in Myitkyina. She should take full responsibility,” Ma Nu Nu told NMG.

According to local people, headman of Mankring ward frequently announces awareness of COVID-19 in the ward by using hand loudspeaker (small loudspeaker).

“My fellow folks, you need to stay at home except go out to buy food. You must wear face mask if you are emergency to go out from home. All sellers and shop owners must wear face mask when selling things. Buyers also need to wear face mask and stand 6 feet distance when buying something. You must report if you have visitors. If you don’t follow rules and guidelines, you will be charged with existence law from April 16, 2020,” the headman of Mankring ward announced in his ward.

On April 15, Ministry of Health and Sports reported that there were 74 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Burma.

((update info: On April 16, there are 85 confirmed cases of covid-19 in Burma))