Security Forces Search Vehicles in Mawlamyine

By Network Media Group

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Security forces have been stopping motorbikes and other vehicles at junctions and streets in downtown Mawlamyine in areas where people
gathered to protest against the military regime apparently to see what’s on their mobile phones, locals told NMG.

“They ordered us to unlock our phones so they could search them. They didn’t say anything else,” said a man in the Mon State capital who
requested anonymity. He said authorities were searching motorcycles more than other vehicles.

Security forces have been checking vehicles in the downtown core since March 9.

“I think they want to stop the protesters so they’re searching cars and motorbikes, and police and military are constantly patrolling Mawlamyine.
If they see a demonstration, they immediately break it up and arrest people,” according to another man, who didn’t want his name published.

Since March 1, similar checkpoints have been operating at highways leading to the Mon State capital, Mudon, Thanphyuzayap and Thaton towns.

Despite security forces violently attacking protesters, brave youths and others continue to peacefully demonstrate against the military. Since the
February 1 coup, hundreds of thousands of people participated in demonstrations across Mon State.

Since last month, a crackdown against peaceful protests has been happening across the country. Last week, in North Okkalapa, a suburb of
Yangon, soldiers fired machine guns at civilians killing at least 8 protesters. On Wednesday morning, authorities shot a protester in North
Okkalapa and arrested up to 200 people during yet another brutal attack on demonstrators.