Nearly 100 Rakhine State Organizations Demand Military Step Down

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Civil organizations and unions in Rakhine State condemned state-sanctioned violence against civilians while demanding the military regime step down allowing federal democracy in its place.

“It’s disgusting to witness the military council ordering the army to kill people with their weapons. It’s also appalling to see opportunists working with the council,” said a joint statement signed by 77 civil society organizations (CSOs) and 11 student unions on March 21.

“The military needs to relinquish its political power and recognize a federal democratic system based on the right to self-determination.”

“Excessive force” against peaceful protesters opposing the regime must cease, the joint statement said. Everyone detained by security forces should be immediately released.

Rakhine CSOs expressed sadness for the injuries and deaths of civilians at the hands of the military. They saluted the brave students and others who “sacrificed their lives for the Spring Revolution”, while offering condolences to the families of the “fallen heroes”.