Security Tightens in Mon State Following Explosions

By Network Media Group
Saturday, May 1, 2021

Authorities in Mon State increased checkpoints after explosions in the capital city and other townships in the state. Consequently, the junta’s armed forces started shooting more people once night falls.

“They are searching people everywhere,” said a Mawlamyine man. He told NMG before they just stopped you at a junction. Now they check every vehicle, motorbike and phone.

Additionally, the military council is making preparations to install CCTV cameras around the capital city.

Another man said in Thaton the situation was similar. “Security forces are searching the town every day and all night…We frequently hear the sounds of guns fired in the evening,” he said, explaining a noise from a motor vehicle after 8pm is usually followed by gunfire and soldiers shouting.

In Poung, soldiers also target civilians when it is dark, a man told NMG. “I don’t know why they are shooting,” he said.

Locals told NMG a police officer guarding a KBZ bank in Mawlamyine shot at customers queuing up to withdraw money.

“Soldiers and police fire their guns at us if they feel like shooting. They raid homes and arrest people when they want. After, they blame the people. But no one else has weapons,” said a man from Mawlamyine.

The wanton violence and 24-hour searches are traumatizing the civilian population. Despite this, protests against the junta are still breaking out every day.

Since the army overthrew the democratic government three months ago, armed forces killed eight people in Mon State, including an 11-year-old. Over 200 have been charged; many have gone into hiding.