Muslims Sell Food and Medical Equipment At Reduced Cost In Magwe Region

By Network Media Group
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A mosque has been selling food and medical equipment at a fraction of the price it usually costs to anyone who needs them in Magwe Region.

“It is not only poor people who are struggling right now—everyone is facing difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazingly, they are selling these things for so low,” a 40-year-old woman from Magwe town told NMG.

Mingalar Jameh Mosque in Chauk town started selling pulse oximeters, face masks, and food on August 9. Everyone is welcome to buy them, provided they wear a mask and practice social distancing when inside the mosque. Other Muslims are selling the same items in Magwe and Minbu towns.

According to locals, a pulse oximeter with batteries costs 6,000 kyat ($3.6), a package of masks 1,000 kyat (60 cents) and 8 cans of rice, 5 eggs, 1.6 kg of onions and a bottle of cooking oil for only 1,000 kyat.

These items are going for much lower than they typically cost. As an example, a package of masks should cost as high as 2,200 kyat ($1.34), 10 eggs 1,800 kyat ($1), 1.6 kg of onions 500 kyat (50 cents) and 8 cans of rice 2,000 kyat ($1.20).

“Even though many poor people can not afford to buy a pulse oximeter, they can still buy masks, rice, eggs and onion because the mosque is selling these things for so cheap,” a man said.