KNLA Captures Tatmadaw Camp In Karen State

By Network Media Group
Friday, August 27, 2021

Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) seized a Tatmadaw position after soldiers fled when KNLA Brigade 6 troops attacked the camp in Karen State.

“The Border Guard Force (BGF) retreated, allowing the KNLA to easily captured Hkok Kwa camp,” a man who did not want to be named informed NMG.

According to the KNLA’s political wing, the Karen National Union (KNU), Karen soldiers from Co. 1 of Battalion 17 took the Burma Army (BA) camp in Kyar Inn Seik Gyi Township on Thursday morning, August 26. The BA had left earlier in the week and the BGF held it before the KNLA showed up.

The KNU information department for Dooplaya District reported that the Tatmadaw ordered the BGF to protect the camp.

“Maj-Gen Ko Ko Maung, commander of BA South-east Military Command, ordered Col Saw Dor Dor, commander for BGF Battalion No 1023, to prepare for battle and not to withdraw,” a local source close to the BGF told NMG.

The information department reported BGF troops shooting and threatening villagers in Kyeit village that is next to the camp on Thursday afternoon.

“There were no KNLA troops who came to our village, but BGF soldiers fired their guns,” a resident said.

According to the KNU, many Tatmadaw troops have been seen in the township in recent weeks.

About 60 soldiers were spotted in three civilian vehicles in Karanee at 2pm on August 26. Ahead of the convoy, a BA military drone was scouting the area.

Since the February 1 coup, the KNLA has clashed with BA in Karen State and other areas. The ethnic armed organisation also took in many people who joined the protest movement and fled arrest. The KNLA offered military training to some who later formed the People’s Defence Force to fight against the dictatorship.