Mon National Day To Be Commemorated in Mawlamyine

Friday, January 31, 2020

Mon National Day commemorations will be held in the Mon State capital of Mawlamyine this year, members of the organizing committee said.

The day, which is marked on February 9, is held in a different location each year. The committee putting the event together has a budget of 130 million kyat (US$88,800), most of which comes from private sponsors, according to Min Banyar San, chair of the organizing committee.

He added that the Mon Culture Organization from Thailand would perform in the commemoration this year, which aims to highlight ethnic Mon history, culture and traditions. Literary talks, distance races, and other activities have already been ongoing since January 25, to build anticipation for the day.

“We haven’t held the grand national day for so long, so we will hold it in Mawlamyine this year. Multiethnic people are living in Mawlamyine, so we can share our culture with other ethnic people. Other ethnic people will have the opportunity to study Mon history and culture,” a Mawlamyine local told NMG.

The organizing committee for Mon National Day was formed in 1997 and is made up of representatives from Mon and Karen states and Yangon and Bago regions.

While the event is typically held in a new Mon State township each year, the 71st Mon National Day was held in Hpa-an in Karen State and the 72nd day was held in Bago. Smaller commemorations are held in various townships and villages throughout southeastern Burma, where Mon people live. Events are also held in Mon communities abroad.

According to Mon history, Mon kings began to build the Hongsawaddy dynasty on the first waning day in the lunar month of Tabodwe, in the year 1116 Burmese calendar year (572 CE). Mon people commemorate the day as Mon National Day.