MP Accuses Mon State Govt of Violating Tender Regulations

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A member of the Mon State parliament accused the state government of implementing projects without calling for tender, as is required by law.

The allegation came during the 15th meeting of the Mon State parliament, and was put forward by Min Htin Aung Han of Mawlamyine Constituency 1.

If the cost of a project is less than 10 million kyat (US$6,900), government departments can implement it on their own. However, if the cost is greater, then they have to call for tender, the MP explained.

“As of today, the state government is implementing projects costing more than 10 million kyat. How can we control it?” Min Htin Aung Han told NMG. “Frankly, I want to say that the anti-corruption commission must investigate this kind of project.”

The regulation that is being violated, he added, is 1/2017 imposed by the President.

Mon State’s planning and finance minister Wunna Kyaw rejected the accusation and denied violating any regulations.

“Depending on the project or technical issue, respective departments propose that the state government implement some projects. Then respective departments also monitoring product quality and deadlines,” Wunna Kyaw said.

Yet Min Htin Aung Han highlighted what he said was a note from the state’s chief minister Dr. Aye Zan selecting companies to carry out projects, rather than calling for tender.

He cited a complaint around the Attaran river water pumping project, for which tender was called during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. However, the company which proposed the lowest cost for the project was reportedly not selected, and another company—whose estimate for the project was some 350 million kyat more ($240,000)—was chosen to carry it out.

When contacted by NMG, Dr. Aye Zan said he did not want to comment on the issue.

The Mon State government came under fire from the public after offering the Southern Myanmar Development Co. Ltd. the opportunity to build a road project last year. They had a budget of 100 million kyat ($69,000), and no tender was allegedly called. A complaint letter was sent to the anti-corruption commission.