Murdered Family Dumped In Jungle Near Their Village

By Network Media Group
Friday, April 10, 2020

Unknown assailants murdered a family, including a male child, and dumped their bodies in a patch of jungle near their village in northern Shan State yesterday.

Ko Myo, from Volunteers Without Borders, said the police contacted him to pick up the bodies yesterday morning, which were discovered about 6 miles from a national highway near Kon Moung, and transport them to the hospital in Hsipaw.

Gunmen shot two men, two women and a twelve-year-old boy, Ko Myo said. None of the victims has been identified at the time of press.

Lway Chi Sangar, the spokesperson for the Ta’ang Women’s Organisation, said these kinds of killings are common in Hsipaw and Namkham townships and perpetrators are never convicted. “We have yet to find the truth and get justice for the deceased,” she said.

“I am sure one of the armed groups is responsible for murdering this family because they were shot…I think the Burma Army has to take full responsibility for it. At the same time, the government needs to investigate this case.” Something needs to be done about these kinds of horrendous crimes that keep happening, Lway Chi Sangar said.

Ko Myo told NMG that 13 villagers, including the recent 5 killings, have been murdered since the start of this year. In January, there were at least five bodies riddled with bullets discovered in the same area.

Locals say the area where the killings are happening is frequented by narco-traffickers and drug users.