Series Of Bomb Attacks Continue In Muse

By Network Media Group
Thursday, May 28, 2020

There were several more explosions in Muse this Tuesday, causing concern for fearful locals that have already experienced a series of bomb attacks this month in the Burmese border town still under lockdown because of the coronavirus.

“No-one can go out during the COVID-19 pandemic and explosions are happening continuously in northern Shan State these days. We’re worried about it and yet we can’t do anything about it,” said Zau Yaw, who lives in Muse.

Two explosions occurred in Swam Sor ward around 1:30 p.m. on May 26.

A local who spoke to NMG on condition of anonymity said a bomb went off near a spirit house, under a banyan tree, near Weing and Muse roads. A child suffered minor shrapnel injuries from the blast, the source said.

Thaung Tun, from Muse Town Garuna Social Volunteer Team, didn’t hear about the child injured during the explosion. “We left after we were told nobody was hurt.”

On May 12, another explosion occurred in the same ward of Muse. And the day before there was an explosion at the Oriental Highway toll gate. A MPT phone service shop was bombed on April 12.

During the pandemic, when many are facing economic uncertainty, bombs are going off and it’s causing trauma and depression, Lway Lwar Shein, who is the general secretary of Ta’ang Students and Youths Union (TSYU), told NMG. “People are worried about being injured by an explosion on their way to work.”

This week the Tatmadaw and police have conducted a series of nightly raids, seizing many weapons and illicit narcotics in Muse and other areas of northern Shan State.

The Office of the Commander In Chief of the Burma Army website reported that security forces confiscated 95,400 shock tube detonators, 3 pistols, 4 magazines, 27 bullets (9 mm) in Muse.