Thousands Of Families Apply For Govt Aid From NMSP Controlled Area

By Network Media Group
Friday, June 26, 2020

Thousands of families living under the New Mon State Party (NMSP) have applied for financial assistance from the Mon State government.

Myint Than Win, the office director for the Mon State government, told NMG that over 3,000 families living in areas controlled by the NMSP are among 70,000 families in Mon State requesting assistance from the government.

The central government is preparing to help families needing support a second time during the national lockdown that’s been in effect since the beginning of April.

The President’s Office announced on June 19 that it would provide 20,000 kyat (US$14.50) to families without regular income within two weeks.

In April, the government provided rice and other basic food items to more than 40,000 families, but food baskets were not given to residents living in NMSP-controlled territories or some of the other rural locations.

Nai Banyar Lel, head of NMSP’s domestic affairs department, told NMG 3,500 families living in Ye Township applied for help from the government.

He says there are about 30,000 along the border with Thailand who are struggling to survive during the lockdown intended to prevent a coronavirus outbreak during the pandemic. Travel restrictions have prevented many from working and thus earning the money they need to feed their families.

“About 30 percent of the population in remote, rural areas have run out of food,” says Nai Banyar Lel.

According to NMSP, nearly 90,000 (18,000 families) live in 60 villages in NMSP controlled territories.

Through its COVID-19 Emergency Response Committee, NMSP has asked civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations and private donors to provide the necessary assistance to families facing hardship during the pandemic.