Schools In Puta-O Adopt Preventative Measures To Fight COVID-19

By Network Media Group
Saturday, June 27, 2020

Schools in Puta-O town, located in remote northern Kachin State, have adopted preventative measures they hope will help reduce outbreaks of the COVID-19 when classes resume next month.

Seng Khun, principal of a high school in Kawka Htawng ward in Puta-O, told NMG they will hold separate classes in the morning and afternoon to bring class sizes down to a maximum of 20 students. Students will attend classes for one week and the next week study from home.

He says school will open with grade 9 to 10, and if it goes well they’ll bring in middle and primary students. “If everything is going well, we will open middle and primary classes. If it’s not, we will close the school again.”

Seng Khun says they’re opening the school with high school students because they are older, making it easier to teach them how to wear a face mask. Teachers will give students detailed instructions on how to wear a mask and proper hand washing. The Ministry of Education will provide two masks and a face shield for every student.

Seng Khun says both students and parents must adhere to the school’s new social distancing guidelines by standing three feet apart when registering to attend the new academic year. Students will be assigned a registration date between July 13 to July 18 to prevent crowding and will have only 3 minutes to collect course books.

Classes for Grade 9 to 10 will start on July 21.