Ta’ang Women’s Organization to Run Capacity Building Program

Sunday, June 27, 2020

The Ta’ang Women’s Organization (TWO) is holding another capacity building program for women in northern Shan State to increase their understanding of politics.

The training will start in August and run through October, and include content on human rights, law, federalism and leadership.

“When we say ‘politics’, people are afraid. People are hesitant to talk about it,” Lway Kham Ku, who is in charge of the training, told NMG. “We are going to teach about justice and gender equality. Our aim is for people to make informed decisions, even in their family matters.”

Burma’s inadequate education system has led to a lack of general knowledge among women, Lway Kham Ku said.

“We want them to have self-confidence and an attitude that they are empowered,” she explained.

Lway Moe San, a graduate of a past TWO training, said that the program helped her to grow and believe in herself, and learn to work with others.

“In the past, I was really afraid to stand and speak in front of people… I was brave enough to speak in front of other people after I did the training,” she said, adding that before the training, she was “really afraid to speak up, even though I was right.”

Past trainings were six weeks long but were extended to three months in 2017 to maximize impact.

TWO has done 10 women’s capacity building trainings in total—seven six-week trainings and three three-month trainings.