Fewer Women Selected As Candidates For Mon United Party

By Network Media Group
Saturday, July 25, 2020

Despite pledging to prioritize female candidates to contest the 2020 general election, there are fewer women included on the Mon United Party (MUP) candidate list than anticipated, says MUP spokesperson Nai San Tin.

More than 80 women applied to be a electoral candidate, Nai San Tin told NMG, and around 10 women were included on the list of proposals.

“When we look at the list, there are fewer female candidates. We have already invited women to participate with us, and announced that we would prioritize female candidates if they have the same qualifications,” says Nai San Tin.

MUP established a policy of prioritizing female and youth candidates to open the way for their participation in the party.

“One or two women applied to be electoral candidates in every township in Mon State,” said Mi Lawi Han, a member of the central executive committee, and they constituted between 20 to 25 percent of the candidates. The central committee selected around 10 percent of these candidates.

Mi Lawi Han said selecting candidates is a two-step process. First, a township-level selection committee picks candidates. The central committee then makes the final choices based on the selection provided by the township committee.

Mi Lawi Han was unsure how many female candidates selected during the township selection process were submitted to the central committee.

MUP finalized the selection process this Friday (July 24). Women make up 11 percent of the party’s central committee.

MUP is contesting 32 constituencies in Mon State, 13 in Karen State and 7 in Taninthari Region, as well as a few seats in Yangon and Bago regions.

All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMRDP), Mon National Party (MNP) and Mon activists merged to form MUP. The Union Election Commission registered the party on May 17, 2019.