Burma Army Kills Two Villagers, Injuring 5 in Hpapun District

By Network Media Group
Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Tatmadaw killed two Karen villagers and injured five others in Hpapun District, (locally known as Mudraw District) in Burma’s Karen State in 2020, according to reports from locals.

A Karen man, who wished to remain anonymous over security concerns, told NMG that Burma Army battalions under MOC-8, based in Mutraw District, are responsible for shooting the civilians.

In early January, two residents of Wahthokho village were shot by Tatmadaw soldiers, sustaining serious injuries from the attack. A male villager was shot and killed by soldiers from Maewei camp of the Burma Army on March 5. Another villager from Ku Seik village was shot on May 9. On June 2, two residents of Wahthokho were shot. And on July 16, Naw Mu Naw, from Lopoehta village, was shot and killed.

Fearful of Tatmadaw soldiers in Mudraw District, over 4,600 Karen villagers from 10 village-tracts of Dwelo and Buthaw townships protested in front of their army camps in Dwelo Township on July 28.

An anonymous source told NMG that “the murder of Naw Mu Naw should not have happened.” Karen villagers are working hard for “their daily survival” and Tatmadaw soldiers are constantly terrorizing them. “That is why we protested against the Burma Army, demanding that they withdraw their military camps.”

The Burma Army said the two soldiers who killed Naw Mu Naw were detained on July 16, promising action to be taken against the perpetrators.

The Karen community issued statements demanding justice for the murder of Naw Mu Naw and for an investigation by international human rights organizations.

An anonymous Karen Nation Union (KNU) officer from Brigade 5 said the Burma Army is breaking the terms of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) by committing these crimes against the civilian population. “Even though we have agreed to follow the NCA, they do not follow it and this will have an impact on mutual trust building and peace making.”

The Burma Army resumed construction on a series of roads a couple of years ago, which were suspended when the KNU signed a ceasefire, leading to intermittent fighting with Brigade-5.