Kayah State Parliament Agrees to Impeach Chief Minister

By Network Media Group
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Kayah State Parliament voted to impeach El Phoung Sho, the Chief Minister of Kayah State, on September 1 for misuse of power.

Khu Thae Reh, who is MP for Hpruso Township and chair of the parliamentary investigation committee, told NMG that the chair of Kayah State Parliament submitted a report of the investigation during the recent sitting. Sixteen parliamentarians agreed with the findings of the report calling for his impeachment, while four disagreed.

Khu Thae Reh said the Chair of Kayah State Parliament would forward the motion to dismiss the chief minister to the President of Burma. “It’s not a personal attack,” he explained. “What we want to say is that the upcoming government can’t do that. If the chief minister abuses his power, then parliament won’t accept it.” Khu Thae Reh added that “it’s for the benefit of the people and the president will make the final decision.”

El Phoung Sho stands accused of abusing his authority by depositing state funds into his private bank account raised by renting government equipment and leasing land for personal profit during Kayah State Day celebrations.

On August 12, five parliamentarians submitted a proposal to impeach the chief minister, accused of breaking chapter 5 of article 263. The article states the chief minister may be impeached for “breach of any of the provisions of the Constitution”, including “misconduct”.

Twenty-three Karenni civil society organizations called for the findings of the investigation against Eh Phoung Sho to be made public.

Kayah State Parliament has 15 elected councilors and 5 army representatives.

Updated information stated that President office issued an order dismissing Kayah Chief Minister.