Second Draft of Mon State Voter List Adds 40,000 New Names

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Mon State Election Commission has said that a second check of the voter list revealed 40,000 new voters in the state.

The commission initially announced that the state had 1.76 million eligible voters, after the first draft of the list was published. Now the commission has confirmed that there are more than 1.8 million eligible voters.

The final voter list will be shared in local election commission offices from October 1-14.

“Like with the first round of the voter list, we will post the second round of the eligible voter list in the respective ward and village election commission offices,” Hein Lin Htet, the head of the Mon State Election Commission, told NMG. “People can also check their name on the eligible voter list online. If people do not see their name, they can go to check at the respective ward and village election commission offices. They can apply [to be added] if their name is missing from the list.”

The Union Election Commission (UEC) recently announced the online checking system, which is also available on the “find your polling station” mobile phone app. The UEC urged people to check, calling this the “last opportunity” for voters to confirm their eligibility.

“This will be the final announcement for the eligible voter list. It will be much better for people because they can check their name on the list online,” Mon youth Min Soe Hteik said, adding that it was important for people to do the check.

Those who do not find themselves on the list can apply to be included with what is known locally as Form 3. Those who find an error in their name or identity information can correct the it with Form 4(c).

If a deceased person remains on the list, they can be removed through an application filed with Form 4.