Tatmadaw Welcomes AA’s Statement

Network Media Group
Friday, November 13, 2020

The Tatmadaw supports a statement by the Arakan Army (AA) calling for the by-election to be held in areas where the Union Election Commission (UEC) canceled the general election last Sunday, November 8.

The ethnic armed organization (EAO), which is currently embroiled in conflict with Tatmadaw (Burma Army) in Rakhine and Chin states, called for a by-election to take place before the end of this year.

In its statement on Tatmadaw True News Team website, the Burma Army pledged its commitment “to holding free and fair elections in a multi-party democratic general election, with an emphasis on the ability of all eligible voters to be able to cast their ballots in their respective constituencies.”

Tatmadaw said it will “coordinate” with AA “as much as possible” for bi-elections in the remaining constituencies in Rakhine State, and in regions of Shan State where polls were also canceled, in particular, Mai Kaing (Mongkaing) Township.

In AA’s statement, the EAO offered government agencies and relevant organizations whatever support necessary to ensure stability in the remaining constituents so polling can happen. Many “have lost their right to vote and the opportunity to elect politicians to represent their voices, undermining their civil, ethnic and democratic rights,” the AA statement said. Therefore, a by-election must be held as soon as possible in Rakhine State.

Citing conflict and regional instability, the UEC canceled polling in much of northern Rakhine State and Paletwa Township in Chin State during the recent race. The election was also stopped in Shan, Kachin, Mon and Karen states, and some areas of Bago Region.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) has been declared the winner of Burma’s election in yet another landslide victory, according to official results announced this Friday, November 13. NLD won 346 of the 412 seats announced so far, with 64 seats remaining.