KNU Captures Burma Army Camps Along Salween River

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Karen National Union (KNU) attacked three Burma Army camps simultaneously in northern Karen State, capturing at least two of them, according to a local source.

A Karen villager from Mae Samlet in Thailand told NMG they heard KNU soldiers seized Thaw Le Htar and Ei Thu Htar camps on Tuesday morning, April 27, but wasn’t sure about Mae Ka Thar camp.

“There were only a few soldiers at Ei Thu Htar camp; therefore KNU could easily capture it. Many Burmese soldiers are deployed in Mae Ka Htar,” the source said.

Thaw Le Htar camp is located on the west bank of the Salween River, opposite Mae Samlet in Thailand’s Mae Sariang Township.

A source who was present during the fighting told NMG two KNU columns attacked the Burma Army just before 5am, capturing Thaw Le Htar an hour later.

“Eleven Burmese soldiers died during the clash and some fled. I don’t know exactly how many Burma Army soldiers were injured. A woman from Thaw Le Htar village was hurt during the fighting.”

NMG was unable to independently confirm this information.

KNU Information Department reported seizing Thaw Le Htar because Burma Army soldiers were threatening locals. But it didn’t confirm the attacks on Ei Thu Htar and Mae Ka Htar.

Since the February 1 coup, fighting with the Burma Army is breaking out in all of KNU’s seven brigades. The Burma Army launched airstrikes displacing thousands of Karen civilians after KNU Brigade 5 destroyed its camp at the end of March.