Tatmadaw Murdered At Least 73 Minors Since Burma’s Coup

By Network Media Group
Thursday, May 27, 2021

The military regime murdered 73 children since taking over the country during the February 1 coup, according to National Unity Government (NUG), an underground administration assembled by politicians who won seats during the 2020 election.

Some children were shot in the streets during protests against the military junta, a NUG statement said, while others were shot by soldiers when they were in their homes or playing in their yards.

“Between Feb 15 and May 15, a total of 73 children under 18 were killed by Burma Army: 63 were boys and 9 girls,” NUG reported. The gender of one of the minors killed by Tatmadaw hasn’t been determined.

More children died at the hands of the military in Mindat, Kani and Demawso after May 15 who aren’t included in the statement, a NUG official said.

“We are going to update this report later. We received information of a 12-year old child killed by artillery shrapnel in Momauk Township,” the official said.

The interim government is requesting citizens to send information about human rights abuses happening in the areas where they live.

Until May 25, there have been a total of 827 people killed while 4,313 were arrested, charged or sentenced, according to the advocacy group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.