Military Killed 76 Civilians in Karenni State Since Coup

By Network Media Group
Monday, July 12, 2021

The military killed many civilians while fighting against civilian resistance groups and Karenni National Progressive Party in Karenni State, and tortured and stole things from others in the countryside and the towns.

According to a report by Karenni Civil Society Network (KCSN), the Burma Army killed 76 civilians from February 1 to July 4. KCSN spokesperson Khu Koe Reh told NMG that numbers could be higher. Among the deaths, 12 happened between June 22 to July 4. Most of the fatalities were in Demawso Township.

Some died during the conflict between the military and the Karenni People’s Defense Force (KPDF), while soldiers killed others for attempting to bring food to internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps and during interrogation. Khu Koe Reh explained the death count includes KPDF members.

Since the coup, authorities arrested 134 people, 2 took place after the release of KCSN’s report. There were 102 civilians wounded.

Soldiers also stole food and other valuable items from homes during fighting with KPDF and after the temporary ceasefire started. “Soldiers took rice from villages, and they also killed and ate domestic animals such as chickens and pigs,” Khu Koe Reh told NMG.

The military destroyed village clinics after plundering them of valuable medicine. Burma Army shelling destroyed many dwellings, including several churches.

The military robbed IDPs in Mya Lae and Htee Hpoe Kaloe village tracts, located in Demawso Township, forcing them carry water and cook for soldiers, according to KCSN. Civilians said they no longer feel safe living in the camps.

Although these kinds of rights abuses were common in the countryside, after the coup they are happening in larger towns like Loikaw.

According to the advocacy group Association Assistance of Political Prisoners, the military killed 899 people in Burma and 5,173 people were arrested, charged or sentenced until July 10.