Nearly Dozen Tatmadaw Killed In Karenni State, KNDF Said

By Network Media Group
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

At least 11 Burma Army (BA) soldiers died and 20 wounded during clashes with Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and Karenni Army (KA), the armed wing of Karenni National Progressive Party, in Karenni State, according to KNDF.

Fighting broke out around villages Mar Karaw Shay and Kyo Pin Kon in Hpruso Township on August 3, KNDF spokesperson told NMG. He reported no Karenni causalities. During the clashes, KNDF and KA torched three BA military vehicles.

Most of the soldiers died during the second clash at 11am, when Karenni fighters ambushed a BA convoy of 27 vehicles travelling from Loikaw to Bawlakhe with a landmine and continued the attack with rifle fire.

The spokesperson told NMG three clashes broke out from August 1-3. BA hasn’t reported any fighting in Karenni State at this time.

The military is dispatching more troops to townships where it is launching offensives in Loikaw, Demawso, Hpruso, Bawlakhe and Hpasaung in Karenni State.

“In my opinion, there will be many more intense clashes this month,” the spokesperson said, urging civilians to prepare for additional violence in the coming days.