NUG And Ethnic Health Organisations Form National Health Committee In Burma

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Burma’s parallel government and ethnic health organisations (EHO) have established a health committee tasked with creating a federal union healthcare policy.

“If we are going to build a federal democratic for this country, we will need a federal healthcare system,” said Saw Nay Htoo, appointed as the joint secretary-1 of the new National Health Committee (NHC). He explained how important it is to have a coordinating mechanism to implement this goal.

During the four-day national health conference, the National Union Government’s (NUG) health ministry met with the various EHOs it is cooperating with in the country’s border areas. Current healthcare policies and ethnic healthcare programmes were discussed, as well as data, prevention and management of the novel coronavirus. There were also discussions about adopting a universal healthcare policy.

“As we only just formed the NHC, we have to start with one thing at a time. Our first step is to adjust health policies. The next step is to draw up a federal healthcare policy,” Saw Nay Htoo told NMG.

The national health conference attracted 138 people, which besides NUG and EHOs, included medical experts and students from across Burma and even abroad.

Karen National Union’s Brigade 5 spokesman Padoh Mahn Mahn has been appointed as NHC chair. NUG’s health minister Dr Zaw Wai Soe is deputy chair committee. Saya Khoon Phyo, from Karenni health department, is deputy chair-2. Sayama Nan Snaw is secretary-2. Dr Okker is a secretary. Leaders of ethnic health organizations are committee members, and they created an advisory board that includes Dr Cynthia Maung, Dr Myint Cho, Dr Thein Win and Dr Sai Liang.

Last month, NUG and the EHOs formed the COVID-19 Task Force to fight outbreaks and offer treatment for residents living in the border areas amid the country’s third wave.