China Erects Fence To Keep Out Displaced Villagers From Muse District

By Network Media Group
Thursday, August 19, 2021

China has built a fence along the border in Pang Seng sub township, Muse District, to prevent villagers fleeing fighting in Burma from crossing the country.

The fighting between Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and Burma Army, which began in early August, has affected over a thousand people from seven villages in the area.

Some civilians who sought refuge from the violence in China were immediately pushed back by Chinese border guards. According to a local resident, China started building the fence a couple of days after the villagers arrived at the border.

A villager affected by clashes who didn’t want to be named said that in the past, when fighting flared up in 2011 and 2016, villagers were allowed to cross the border to seek safety.

”There are children, elderly people and pregnant women, and we’re worried about their health,” the source said.

Another villager told NMG that they’re afraid that the area where they’re staying will be flooded. They have built simple bamboo huts with plastic roofs at three locations along the border.

In 2011, Chinese nationals gave food to the displaced, but this time no one from China is helping them. The displaced villagers are worried that they’ll be trapped by the fighting.

According to a volunteer from Kutkai town, they need food, medicine and plastic and other materials for shelters. The source said some local youth and civil society organisations have given them personal protective equipment to prevent infections of the novel coronavirus and are providing them with other assistance.