Civilian Injured By Clashes In Pang Hseng

By Network Media Group
Sunday, August 22, 2021

A civilian was wounded by a shell that struck a public school during fighting between Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the military in downtown Pang Hseng (Kyu Koke) in northern Shan State.

A local resident told NMG that during the clashes in Muse District last Friday, August 20, a shell also landed on the premises of the Kachin Christian Church, which is near the police station. She expressed concern that the violence in the town might continue throughout the night.

As clashes have erupted in different places in the town, many residents are caught in the middle of the conflict.

A man from Phong Hseng village said the fighting, which began earlier this month in Pang Hseng sub township, has displaced 1,404 people to the Chinese border, where they are living in a rudimentary camp in an empty field. “During the day they go to their farms. After work, they go back to their huts on the border instead of returning to their village.” He said they could hear the fighting in Pang Hseng, which is about 5 km from Phong Hseng.

Another source, who fled earlier violence, told NMG that after Friday’s fighting, everyone from the village joined them at the border. “We are sharing our shelters with the new arrivals.”

The Burma Army is increasing its presence in Mongkoe and Pang Hseng sub townships with additional troops and support from a locally based People’s Militia Force. According to sources in the Kokang community, clashes broke out in Mongkoe sub township last Wednesday, August 18.

Youth and local support groups provided tarpaulins, blankets, personal protective equipment and other items to about 280 displaced villagers in the middle of the month. But their food rations are running low and there’s not enough medicine or supplies to build shelters for everyone.